Sealing your wefts custom image



Good hair costs money so it is very advisable to secure your investment. ALWAYS SEAL YOUR WEFTS. We use an Asian factory with quality sewing and sealing technique to secure the hair onto the tracks and ensure minimal shedding. Nonetheless, there are still some factors that may lead to shedding like cutting the wefts at the top after sew-in, bad sew-in by stylist, or combing with hard brush as this can sometimes pull hair out amongst other factors. We recommend sealing the wefts to minimise or rid of shedding in the long-run. We have included two of the best products to use to seal your wefts. We have included YouTube videos showing how to apply them.


-Hair Extensions 101 sealer (best and easiest to use, google it to purchase)


-Extensions Plus weft sealer (also easy to use and made for wefts, google to purchase)



Other products you can also use are listed below. But the first 2 are the best and easiest to use.


-Fray Block (can be found at your local Michaels or craft store)


-Fray Check (can be found at Walmart or local crafts store)


-Aleenes Stop Fraying (can be found at your local Sears, Michaels or craft store)